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Reviewsii dealer reviews influence car shoppers where they are making buying decisions.
Google Search
Drive more traffic from google searches to your website.
Auto Classifieds
Sell more cars by boosting your inventory listings with amazing reviews from your happy customers.
Dealership Website
Use your reviews to create confidence in your sales and service teams and reduce website abandonment.
Word of Mouth
Generate more sales by reward your customers for sharing positive "Word of Mouth" with friends on their social networks.
Reviewsii.com is the best way to find great local businesses
The Voice of the Customer
Reviewsii.com is a leading business review platform for top businesses and generates consumer reviews with the highest standards of quality and ethics. All reviews are open to the public. Reviewsii encourages everyone to share their opinions and contribute to the community.

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We live where your customers start to shop

8080% of potential clients search Google for reviews on a business when researching where they would like to take dance lessons


Get YOUR website listed as the top search results

Reviewsii gets your website a rich snippet star rating in search results giving you a competitive advantage when and where it matters most

Stand Out in Local Search/h3>

When someone is searching for Ballroom dance lessons in your local area, we can help influence how your business is presented

Knowledge Panel

We provide you with a tool to help capture Google reviews and can also help your business stand out with the addition of 3rd party review stats

Reviews Where Your Customers Make Buying Decisions

Reviewsii is the exclusive review syndication partner for the top auto classified publishers across Canada. Differentiate your vehicle listing pages with consumer video reviews and staff video bios.

A car shopper is 3 times more likely to become a buyer when a dealership has positive online review.

Reviewsii & Your Website

Once you have qualified for the Consumer Trust Certified program we provide a series of tried & tested gorgeous seals and review widgets to adorn on your site. The Shield is a small graphic for display within the "first fold" of your site to convey to shoppers that you're an upstanding trusted dealership, according to your customers, who have rated you at Reviewsii.com.

Power Up Your Social Proof

Go beyond the 'like', with your reviews, straight onto
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

A simple one click implementation pushes your reviews to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Build more value with social interactions and social recommendations. All your reviews on Reviewsii.com best inserted into a tab that you can highlight on your business pages. Win more fans and turn them into loyal customers.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Offer custom rewards to generate more social sharing through customers.

The Reviewsii Custom Rewards Program helps to create an appreciated thank you reward that gets customers to share their great experience with your dealership with their friends and family. Customers feel appreciated, salespeople generate more Word of Mouth and the bottom line - you'll get rave reviews.